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Designing a logo just got a lot simpler! Check out the most popular and free logo design templates kits for 2017 and design your own logo according to your needs and preferences!

Before we start presenting the best free logo design templates kits, let’s see what a logo design template kit is exactly?

What Is a Logo Design Template Kit: Everything You Need to Know

As you probably know or have heard – your business, your company, and your brand matter! That is why, professionals and experts have created a system to make the logo creation and design process simpler, more affordable, and faster.

A logo design template kit allows you to utilize high-quality vector elements to create the perfect logo for your business company. The best part is that all of these kits are totally free.

The Best Free Logo Design Templates Kits to Try Right Now

Here are the best free logo design template skits for 2017:

– Envato Logokit – This is the best and most professional logo solution if you want perfect results. This tool can offer you high-quality and exceptional logo kits which feature a broad range of icons, text treatments, and unique color combinations.

– Vintage Monogram Logo Kit – You can easily create a professional and elite brand with this amazing vintage monogram kit. Vintage Monogram Logo Kit features 676 elegant and modern letter pairings in a combination and variety of minimalist styles.

Stickman Logo Kit – If you need a new mascot for your business or brand, this is without a doubt, the perfect kit for you. This is an awesome logo kit which is specially designed with a faceless character to catch customers attention and for more flexibility. This is a mascot with many characteristics and because of that, we can ensure you that it can be a perfect addition to any service-based business company.

– Corporate Bold Icons Logo Kit – This corporate logo template kit comes with minimalist icons with bold and clean lines. This incredible and diverse selection of icons is suitable for many business themes, as well as, categories.

– Corporate Gradients Logo Kit – If you want a more corporate look, this is without a doubt the perfect logo template kit for you. With multi-layered symbols and shapes, this kit allows you to select from a huge base of pre-made gradients to decorate your special emblem.

– Negative Space Icon Logo Kit – If you want to create a powerful and striking logo that uses the trendy use of dark or negative space, this is the perfect logo template kit for you. The exceptional style, as well as, the cutout design will surely make your business stand out from the crowd. You can choose from various text arrangement options and alternatives for a versatile logo.

– Animal Icons Logo Kit – This amazing kit offers various animals that are suitable for many different business niches and industries. You can enjoy the simplicity of the emblem design with solid colors and clean vector lines.

– Modern Monogram Logo Kit – This logo template kit features every letter pairing you could possibly imagine. And this is not everything. To make your business logos even better, this kit comes with an extra set if embellishments for that special touch at the end.

– Outdoor Badges Logo Kit – You can turn your business logo by using this outdoor-themed kit. This kit is perfect for nature-based businesses and organizations.

If you’ve found a design you love, hurry up and use it for your logo! Once you are done designing, share the results with us!